Kitchen Extension Process

Once you have gained a finalised design with our architects and gained planning permission (if relevant), we arrange a visit with our site foreman so that you can ask any questions and sign the paperwork that we provide. At this point, you’ll receive a payment schedule and general schedule of works. The actual building process takes around 10 weeks.

There are 6 main phases that make up the kitchen extension process:


Our team begins by clearing space in your garden and digging the foundations. The depth and type of foundation will be determined by the architect, and depend on a number of factors including soil type, adjacent structures, tree drainage, the size of your extension, and ground conditions. The building inspector will need to approve the foundations before we can continue to the next stage.


Once the foundations have dried, we begin the brickwork. The building inspector will need to approve the brickwork as well to approve the damp proofing. The duration of this stage depends on your extension type – if you prefer to use more glazing, you will not require as much brickwork.


Demolition and Structural Reinforcements

Once the brickwork has been built to the highest point (the roof plate), our team will need to knock through to the existing kitchen and remove the former exterior wall. We install steel beams to reinforce you’re the structure, and seal off the back area of the new extension to ensure that your home is secure. We can move some of your kitchen facilities elsewhere in the house, as the kitchen will not be usable at this point.

Roofing and Flooring

Our team builds the roof to weather-proof your new extension. Once your roof has been completed, our team will install the new floor (most likely concrete) and prepare the area for the internal works.

Internal Construction

When the internal work begins, our team will install internal walls, arrange your drainage, install plumbing and heating, and complete the electrical installation. The walls will be skimmed and the outside of the kitchen extension will be completed.

Kitchen Installation

Once the interior is ready, the kitchen will be installed, including skirting, doors, and floor finishes. Once this has been completed your new kitchen will be ready to use.

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