Loft conversion in London are trendy and add home value. Converting a cold, drafty attic into an airy, warm bedroom or office can offer homeowners an opportunity to breathe new life into a space.

Lofts have often been places where things are placed and forgotten. Year after year, boxes of junk and stacks of furniture accumulate dust. While there are stories of people going up into grannies loft and finding priceless objets d’art or timeless family heirlooms, more often than not they are filled with broken bits of the past. Finding cash in the attic is something that every homeowner secretly desires to occur, but sometimes what can be more valuable is the loft itself.

Lofty Dreams—Realized

loftloftLondon’s lofts are a home’s unrealized potential, waiting to be transformed with conversion. Whether it is into a small playroom/ reading nook for the children, a guest bedroom or home office, unused attic space is a blank canvas waiting to be filled. Loft conversions in London will help increase property values, create more usable space and add a modern touch to even the most historic of townhomes.

There are many benefits to investing in loft conversions in London, including:

1.Rental Potential. Space is at a premium and if your loft is large enough to meet the size requirements of a studio or bachelor apartment, consider converting it into a rental property. Since the building already has heat, electricity and water running through it, the loft conversion London costs to have utilities extended to the upper level are minimal in comparison to the potential rental income.

2.A home away from home. Turning the loft into a guest room, complete with its own bathroom, makes it easier and more painless to host friends and family. And as sound-dampening insulation can be placed in the joists between the lofts floor and the ceiling below, it offers the opportunity for a more peaceful visit as well.

3.Equity. As this article discusses, adding a loft conversion in London can increase a home’s value by up to 40%, which is usually a lot more than the cost of the conversion itself.

4.Extra room. How much smoother would your day run with an additional bathroom, or a space for the family to unwind at the end of the day? Perhaps you are looking for studio space so that you can paint or pursue a hobby in peace or to have a family library or games room, or even a mancave. Because its use has not yet been defined, there is an incredible range of options when it comes to loft conversions in London. As long as the requisite ceiling height is there, with proper planning and sound design it can become anything you require it to be.

There are many reasons to consider loft conversions in London, as many have discovered. It can add rental income, increase property values, or even just give some much needed breathing room. There are many different ways that life can be breathed into these unused spaces. Avian Construction has converted many lofts in London. We have completed over 200 various projects in and around London. Each and every member of our team has been hand-selected to ensure your work is completed to the highest possible standard. When you think loft conversion in London, think Avian Construction.

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Case Studies

Loft Conversions Add a Fifth to Property Values

Loft conversions are one of the best ways to make your home more spacious – an intelligently-designed conversion can add as much as 30% more living space to your home without extending the footprint of your house. As with all home improvements, conversions also increase the value and sale-ability of your home. A study by […]

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The client wanted to make extensive improvements to her home in Wandsworth, including a loft conversion, a kitchen extension, and alterations to her existing lounge and one of the existing bedrooms. All of the work took around 12 weeks and they were extremely happy with the results.  


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