Planning a Loft Conversion

Excellent planning ensures that your loft conversion fits your requirements and does not disrupt your family’s time at home. We work with the finest architects and structural engineers to complete your loft conversion on time and to your specifications as well as the ones set out by your local council.

Your Requirements

We work closely with you to ensure that our loft conversion plans suit your requirements and work with your home’s existing architecture to create a beautiful, cohesive addition to your house. Detailed drafts allow you to plan ahead for your interior design, furniture purchases, or simply understand what the final product will look like.

Planning Permission

Most loft conversions can be completed as permitted development, but these are subject to a number of restrictions. It also depends on the type of property you own, and whether any permitted developments have already been completed on the house.

A permitted development must:

  • Have a maximum volume of 50 cubic meters (40 for terraced houses)
  • Not extend beyond the plane of the existing roof space
  • Not be higher than the highest part of the existing roof
  • Be built with materials that blend in with the existing house
  • Not have any verandas, balconies, or raised platforms
  • Be set back as far as possible from the original eaves (at least 20cm)
  • Use obscure glazing for any side-facing windows or any openings 1.7m above the floor

Many areas of London and individual homes have further restrictions to permitted developments, so it’s essential that you research the subject thoroughly before commencing work. Our team have completed numerous loft conversions throughout the Wandsworth and Clapham areas, both as permitted developments and works that required planning permission. Our architectural partners will ensure that your build fulfils all of the requirements.

Party Wall Agreements

Party wall agreements are essential if your work involves a shared wall. Depending on your relationship with your neighbours, this can be presented to sign over a visit or can be sent to them by our party wall surveyors.

These agreements are created to safeguard both parties if damage is done to your neighbour’s property. As part of the process, pictures are taken of the wall to prove that damage has or has not been done as part of the building work.

These agreements can take just a few minutes if you are on good terms with your neighbours, but if they are contested it can take weeks or even months to put a suitable agreement in place.

Building Regulations

Whether you require building regulations depends on the type of build – you may not need them even if you need planning permission for your loft conversion, or you may need them for a permitted development.

You will need building regulations if:

  • You are installing a new boiler
  • You are converting the loft to be used a living space with a permanent stairway, windows, and electricity
  • You are making structural changes to your home
  • You are removing and rebuilding a major part of a wall
  • You are re-roofing and using a different material
  • You are replacing windows or external doors
  • You are using cavity wall insulation

Building regulations are not required if you are just using the loft space for storage.

Most loft conversions do require building regulations, which means that Building control must be instructed at least 5 working days before any structural work takes place. They can be registered with the local council or with a private Building Control company.

An inspector will come to your property at various stages during the build to check on progress, and the final inspection will take place once the job is finished. However, the completion certificate is only issued once the Part P electricals certificate has been issued.


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